Living With Mystery

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Two years ago I went to a weekend retreat at a monastery near St David, Arizona. I arrived early in order to walk down to the San Pedro River and get off to a quiet start. After a walk I moved into my room, which was separate from any others, due to the pandemic. When it was time to go … Read More

Help Schools and Families!

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  “TELL HER TO ________ MAMI.” My friend and I were at a restaurant. At the next table, a man was urging his 3 year old daughter to say mean things to her mother. And it didn’t matter to them that we and others could hear, as they were drinking beer. My heart was stirred.      We notice lots of things these … Read More

Discovering Purpose in Life

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Part 1- Navigating Life After High School A young friend contacted me yesterday and he was struggling with what career to pursue next. He had tried HVAC and he is 20 years old. I could feel his pain, I was there. But now I would like to help. Let me share with you some things that went well … and … Read More


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     We all love movies because they are filled with drama, adventure and romance. We believe that Tucson has an inspiring unfolding story. We at Serve Tucson are part of that story and it is worth telling.  If you haven’t seen the video near the top of our home page, it is worth two minutes of your time. A … Read More


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    Cities are growing around the world with challenging issues. And in the age of the internet we are all more connected on the web. we at Serve Tucson believe in being connected across our city. And locally that also means connecting face to face in relationships of trust.     As we serve around the city we share … Read More


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     Good ideas and meetings don’t always accomplish much. At Serve Tucson we take action! We started with cleaning up messes. But over time we have seen more things to do and have connected the volunteers with the skills or desire to learn.      We have been painting walls, bike racks, basketball court lines, hopscotch and even some … Read More

We Have Big Ideas

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     We have been rallying projects for years now and have made lots of connections across Tucson. We believe that things could be more collaborative with the result of involving more people and getting more accomplished. Here are two ideas: A U of A to Downtown network      Tucson is set up in a way that there is … Read More

Training and Guidance

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Training to start projects      People have been asking, how do you get these projects going? We are preparing a short video to explain the process. We hope lots of other communities will rally beautification projects too!      Very briefly, we keep things simple. We start with a volunteer group that is committed to show up on a … Read More

Ways to Get Involved

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Groups: Volunteer groups from the U of A, churches, schools, businesses and others contact us to find projects to work on. We ask for some basic information: the day and time they are available, the number and ages of volunteers, what part of the city is close to them, if they have a focus they are looking for, etc. Some … Read More