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     We all love movies because they are filled with drama, adventure and romance. We believe that Tucson has an inspiring unfolding story. We at Serve Tucson are part of that story and it is worth telling.

 If you haven’t seen the video near the top of our home page, it is worth two minutes of your time. A light bulb went off in Mike’s head while listening to people around the city complain of messes at local meetings. He thought, “we can do something about that.” With his background in labor, being outside, working with kids and a lightly used industrial engineering degree, he had enough to get started. 

     The rest is history as we have connected thousands of volunteers, especially groups, to schools, gateway streets and more. We received a Cox Conserves Hero award in 2015 along with $5000 for more tools … and were on the front page of the Arizona Daily Star in 2016. Other people have donated a needed van, tools, and even a car!

     How is your story unfolding? What key experiences from your past … are leading you into your future? How will you impact your city? You can get started with us and take it from there!

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