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  “TELL HER TO ________ MAMI.” My friend and I were at a restaurant. At the next table, a man was urging his 3 year old daughter to say mean things to her mother. And it didn’t matter to them that we and others could hear, as they were drinking beer. My heart was stirred.

     We notice lots of things these days that point to our need for reform. It shows up in how people drive, go shopping, and more. And our kids suffer the most. They get left to look at screens, get passed between parents or worse things.

     Some try to help with after school programs for kids or training for parents. Thank you. But the data and history show that only one thing has ever brought far reaching societal change, proven by better crime and educational stats.

    The United States has had several “Great Awakenings.” Other places have had “Transformational Revivals.” These are where people realize that things have gotten difficult and beyond their control. So they humbly cry out to  God in prayer and seek help to change their ways. They read scripture to understand how to live and practice their faith in daily life.

     God responds by hearing their prayers and showing up to do miracles and raising up leaders who guide people in the ways of truth and goodness. You can google the names John Wesley (USA Awakening), Sojourner Truth (Awakening and Abolition of Slavery), and Poncho Murguia  (Reform to the prisons and murder rate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico).

    It only takes a few local seekers, of any age, touched by God’s Spirit, to catalyze a movement that will bring new life and goodness to our homes, schools and streets. Will you be one? 

    Google search the items we mention here. Join us to pray outside for schools and families on November 11, 2022, 6-9pm, at the Vineyard lawn, 625 N 2nd Ave, across from Roskruge K-8 school, the original Tucson HS.

We chose this date to remember that on 11-11-11, 11 years ago, some young people (Called to awaken a sleeping, dead church, John 11:11) rallied 24 hours of prayer and worship at 11 schools across Arizona! One of them was Roskruge. It led to one student not committing suicide, one school (Manzo) going from a D grade to a B grade because of a rush of volunteers, and many more great stories, “Lord, do it again.”

   All of us can adjust how we live… with God’s help, to get involved at any level by volunteering and just being available to others and sharing our time and resources, thanks!

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