Tucson is located in a beautiful mountain valley. But some years back, it was getting messy. Some people complained …. and others accepted it as normal… but we took action. We rallied a group of volunteers near Tully Elementary School and began a movement. 

Since 2011, we have connected volunteer groups from the University of Arizona, local churches and others to projects across our city. We specialize in half day, simple projects where you can just show up … but see the results. We clean up messes, paint stuff, help gardens, add murals and join events as able. 

We aim at serving where the need is… and where it reflects on us all as a city. So we work around schools and parks where the children are …. or on gateway streets like Speedway, where visitors come into town. Like cleaning or painting at home …. general upkeep of our city lifts the atmosphere and well-being of us all. 

Volunteer groups spark new projects. They normally tell us when they want to serve … and we set it up. By getting around the whole city, we have a good idea of things to do and have won the trust of many local partners, especially schools. 

We are leaning into the future, believing that we can take all of this to another level. Tucson is on the rise. We provide a way for lots of young people to get involved and get experience. We are creating simple trainings to help others understand the process of getting good ideas and putting them in action. Join with us as we inspire, network and impact our world! Thank you!