We Have Big Ideas

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     We have been rallying projects for years now and have made lots of connections across Tucson. We believe that things could be more collaborative with the result of involving more people and getting more accomplished. Here are two ideas:

A U of A to Downtown network
     Tucson is set up in a way that there is a lot going on in this central area of the city. Students come here from all over the USA and world. We believe that we can set up a calendar of small events where students can go to one small area near campus and do some volunteer work. Then they could visit the local businesses, offices, etc. nearby and tour buildings, hear stories and meet interesting people.
     There are so many options in the area! This would allow students to discover more to do in Tucson, give hints of discovery and create more opportunities for people to connect for internships, jobs and things to do! Some possibilities include art, music, language learning, exercise, nature visits, special events and more. Over time a network of activities could develop that would be easy to find and have adequate numbers of people participating to keep the momentum going for years.

City Wide Clean Ups
     We have already worked with many volunteer groups and at over 50 schools. We have already seen large partnerships and can envision them happening regularly. With a large volunteer group of 50+ to anchor a project, we can then get 2-4 local schools involved. Then we invite others from the local community like churches, non profits, neighborhoods, etc…
      We have seen projects with 250 volunteers covering a few square miles. The visible presence in the area inspires all those who drive by to awaken as well. We believe that these can happen all over our city. They could happen every Saturday morning following the city’s bulky pick up schedule and coincide with special events and seasons!

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